If you are looking for a way to get more involved with solar energy in Hawaii, then there is some good news! Quick Connect is a 12-month pilot program that got started this year and has been designed specifically to help not only solar customers but also solar contractors in order to boost the economic recovery in Hawaii. Solar energy systems that meet basic requirements can be installed without complete prior approval from Hawaiian Electric. The goal of this program is to reduce the time between a customer signing a contract for a new system and when the system gets up and running.

Terms and Conditions of the Quick Connect Program

In Maui specifically, residents are eligible for the Quick Connect if there is 30 percent or greater hosting capacity on the circuit system. Furthermore, all circuits are eligible if they fall under the category of Quick Connect for Customer Self-Supply and the Net Energy Metering Plus (NEM Plus) Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Of note, 2.5 kV and 4 kV circuits are not eligible. 

Some of the other key conditions include:

  • The NEM Plus and CSS systems above are limited to 100 kV
  • Smart Export systems and Customer Grid Supply (CGS) Plus systems are limited to 25 kW or less
  • Systems need to have Advanced Metering for voltage monitoring and data collection by Hawaiian Electric
  • All systems need to have Volt-Watt activation for the duration of the project

Anyone with lingering questions or concerns about the Quick Connect program should reach out to a trained contractor or Hawaiian Electric for more information.

What to Do Next

Those who are looking to get a new solar energy system through the Quick Connect program should first use the Locational Value Mapping Tool provided by the Quick Connect program to see if the property qualifies for the program or not. Then, individuals can either submit an application, build their system, or request a net meter if they do not already have one.

It is a good idea to request a new meter because this will expedite the process even further. In order to ask for a net meter, applicants should complete the relevant paperwork to participate in the Quick Connect program and produce a screenshot showing that the address in question has been approved for the Quick Connect program. Finally, applicants also need to show that a county building permit has been initiated at the address for a solar energy program.

Solar Carports

Rely on the Experience of the Team from Maui Solar Project

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