Over the last 20 years, solar energy has proven to be an efficient and environmentally responsible resource that helps build a more sustainable world for future generations. In 2020 alone, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reports that the thriving industry experienced a 37% annual growth, with projections for a 42% increase in U.S. installations between 2021-2025. Not only do these figures hint at solar energy’s promising trajectory in the coming years, they also point to the public’s growing consciousness about energy consumption in everyday life. In order to better serve consumers, a multitude of exciting solar energy developments are on the horizon in 2021. 

Discover A Broad Range of Solar Energy Options

When most people think of solar energy, they tend to picture solar panels on top of a roof, carport or positioned in a yard. This is an outstanding way to achieve energy independence, take a load off of the environment and make a financially sound investment. However, solar carport panels are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to today’s solar energy options. Serving the Wailuku community and beyond since 2004, Maui Solar Project is on the cutting edge of solar energy development, whether you’re in need of exceptional solar hot water products, solar carports or convenient solar attic fans. Check out the up-and-coming trends in solar energy to find out how you can transform your home or business into a more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient structure. 

Enjoy Hot Water Using Solar Energy

Swapping your traditional hot water heater for one of Maui Solar Project’s groundbreaking hot water solar systems offers you — and the environment — numerous lasting benefits. By investing in a solar hot water heater, you can take advantage of reduced energy bills, boost your home’s market value and decrease your carbon footprint. With just two or three compact panels, you and your family can harness the power of the sun to fulfill your everyday necessities, from taking a shower to washing the dishes or clothes. You’re sure to enjoy our solar hot water systems for years to come. 

Convenient Solar Carports

Maui Solar Project is proud to help you make the most of every space, even your carport. Now, you can simultaneously keep your car out of the sun and utilize unexploited solar energy with our customizable solar carports. Our solar carports are built to last with high-quality, low-maintenance materials. Better yet, they can be built to meet practically any height and pitch specifications. With a sleek, sophisticated look, our solar carports are a fantastic way to increase your solar energy collection while offering your car superb protection. 

Solar Carports

Cool Down With Solar Attic Fans 

Easily transform your stuffy upstairs bedroom or attic space into a refreshing refuge with the help of our solar attic fans. Your family members or guests will be more comfortable in no time — all you have to do is choose the appropriate number of fans for your space (some rooms may need three or more, depending on their size). The best part about our solar attic fans is that once they are installed, unlimited energy is yours for life– at no cost! You can look forward to a future free of energy bills when you opt for these handy solar attic fans. 

Quality Solar Energy Products for Less 

To work with the best solar energy company on Maui, check out Maui Solar Project today. Our experienced professionals are eager to offer you prime solar carport, solar attic fan options or solar energy solutions for your home or business. To learn more about our high-performance solar energy products, contact us by calling (808) 269-2352 or emailing sales@mauisolarproject.com. Take steps towards a sustainable future with our efficient, environmentally responsible solar energy products.