If you are interested in learning more about residential and commercial solar energy, then there is a good chance that you have a few questions. Some of the most common questions people have about solar energy include: 

1. What are the biggest financial benefits of solar energy?

There are several major benefits of turning to solar energy. You will be able to save money on your electricity bills, protect against rising electricity rates, and may be eligible for tax credits from the local or federal government. 

2. What are the biggest environmental benefits of solar energy?

Solar energy will also protect the environment. Solar power is the ultimate renewable energy resource as it comes from the sun. Furthermore, you will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which play a major role in climate change. 

3. How will solar energy impact my property values?

If you decide to install a solar energy system, there is a good chance that you are property values will rise. At the same time, your property values will only go up if you own your solar energy system instead of leasing it. 

4. Does the sun impact how much solar energy I produce?

The amount of power generated by your solar panel is going to be dependent on sunlight. If the weather is cloudy, your solar panels are going to produce less energy. At the same time, even in a cloudy city, some sunlight is still going to get through, allowing you to generate electricity. 

5. What happens if my solar panels are covered in snow?

If you are solar panels are covered in snow, they will not be able to produce electricity. The good news is that solar panels are easy to clean and you can simply brush the snow off of your solar panels, carefully. 

6. How much does solar maintenance cost

Solar panel systems are usually made out of something called tempered glass. Therefore, they require next to no maintenance and will last close to 30 years. Even though you should make sure that you clean your solar panels somewhat regularly, make sure that you talk with your installer about the specific maintenance regarding you are solar panels. 

7. Will my roof handle solar panels?

The size of your roof, the direction of the roof, and the location of your city are all going to play a role in whether or not your roof is going to be able to handle solar panels. It is a good idea to evaluate your roof specifically with the help of a trained professional. 

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