Man using calculator against house with installed solar panels. Renewable energy and money saving

The warm weather. The beautiful sunshine. The sparkling, sandy beaches. Maui is truly a paradise. No matter where you live on this incredible island, Maui is a special place for the whole family. As the island provides a remarkable way of life, it’s best to always give back to Mother Nature. And that starts with saving energy. In this post, we’ll dive into five ways to save money on your energy bills. Not only do these tips save you money, but they also do some good for the planet.

1. Bring in the natural air

As Maui has a temperate climate, cool ocean breezes happen every single day. That said, taking advantage of the ocean breezes could help you save on your energy bills. Far too many people will run an AC unit or heater when they aren’t comfortable, but that can drive up your energy bills quickly. Be sure to open your windows and let in that cool breeze, or shut your windows if things are too cold outside.

2. Use LED light bulbs

A simple way to save on energy involves changing out your lightbulbs. Standard incandescent light bulbs use about 60 watts, but you can get the same number of lumens by using an LED bulb that only uses 6-8 watts. This is a fast and easy way you can start saving energy today!

3. Limit shower time

Many people don’t realize it, but simply cutting back on how long you’re in the shower can save tons of energy. While a warm shower after the beach feels amazing, it’s best to limit the length of these showers. By simply cutting back one to two minutes per shower, you can save hundreds on your energy bills every single year.

4. Use more cold water

Hot water is a big culprit when it comes to energy use. To save on energy, you’ll want to focus more on using cold water instead. Limiting the amount of hot water in your showers can help, and it’s also beneficial to wash your clothes in cold water. This can save you close to $100 every year on your energy bills.

5. Go solar!

With Maui packed full of sunshine, it only makes sense to take advantage of all that energy. And with the advanced solar technology of today, saving money on your energy bills is easier than ever. Better yet, you’ll also be doing great for the planet!

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