Solar Panel of Attic Fan on Maui Home

If you are thinking about installing solar attic fans in your home, then there are several things you need to know beforehand. At Maui Solar Project, we specialize in residential and commercial solar energy installations, including solar, hot water, solar attic fans, solar carports and electric vehicle charging stations. Here are answers to five commonly asked questions about solar attic fans.

1. Does a solar attic fan run on a renewable energy resource?

As the name suggests, solar attic fans run on solar energy. Instead of being hooked up to the electrical grid, they run on energy is harnessed directly from the sun. In addition to saving money on your electricity bills, a solar attic fan can also help reduce the carbon footprint of your home. That way, you are helping the to protect the beautiful ecosystem of Maui. 

2. Does a solar attic fan improve the value of my home?

There is a good chance that a solar attic fan will help you improve the value of your home. Homeowners like the idea of saving money on their electricity expenses and living green. How much a solar attic fan will improve the value of your home will depend on the local market, the age of your solar attic fan, and the weather in your area. 

3. How much will a solar attic fan cost to install?

The answer to this one is that it depends on several factors. There are plenty of solar attic fans available and most of them cost several hundred dollars. Then, installation costs are going to vary as well. Before installing your solar attic fan, we will let you know exactly how much the installation will cost.

4. How many solar attic fans will I need?

This depends on the power of your solar attic fans and the size of your home. In general, a solar attic fan will operate at a lower output compared to a traditional electrical fan. As a result, you may require multiple solar attic fans in order to produce the same results. We can help you determine what you need to keep your home cool.

5. Will my solar attic fan run at night?

A solar attic fan requires access to solar energy in order to power itself. As the sun’s rays beat down on your solar panels, it powers the attic fan to keep your house cool. As the sun sets, the attic fan slows down. But as your attic fan is working to cool your house during the heat of the day, you won’t need it operating at night. 

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