During the past few years, there have been a number of advances that have taken place in the world of electric vehicles. Now, electric vehicles are more affordable than ever before. As more people are looking for ways to not only save money on gas but also help the environment, electric vehicles are only going to become more popular. Therefore, anyone who is considering looking for electric vehicles should take note of some of the most popular trends rising to the surface in this industry. 

1. Battery Technology Is Improving

One of the biggest areas in which electric vehicles have improved involves the battery. In the past, the battery would not let a vehicle travel farther than a couple of hundred miles. Then, the battery would take a long time to recharge. Now, electric vehicle batteries charge faster than they have in the past. Batteries run for longer distances, allowing drivers to take electric vehicles on road trips. The maintenance of electric batteries has started to fall as well minimum, meaning that they are cheaper than they were in the past. With a higher energy density and a longer life cycle, it is clear that battery technology is improving. When this is combined with an increase in the number of charging stations across the country, it is easy to see why this technology is so popular. 

2. Electric Vehicles Are Going Commercials

At first, electric vehicles were focused on creating electric cars for individuals and families. Now, electric vehicles are spreading into the commercial industry as well. Therefore, those who are looking for vehicles for commercial purposes may find themselves looking at electric options. From fleets of vans to electric trucks, some of the biggest companies in the world are placing orders were electric vehicles. Many industry experts are expecting the sales of electric vehicles to accelerate in the near future. 

3. Growth of Solar Charging Carports

Even though many people who get an electric vehicle end up plugging it into the wall in their garage, there are other ways to charge an electric vehicle. Now, there are solar energy carports that people can use to charge their electric vehicles. By collecting energy from the sun, this cuts down on the amount of money that people spend while charging their electric vehicles. Furthermore, those who want to take this environmental benefit one step further can not only drive an electric vehicle but can also charge it using solar energy. This is vehicular sustainability at its finest. 

Solar Carports

4. Invest in Electric Vehicles and Solar Charging Stations

These are only a few of the biggest trends that are taking place in electric vehicles. Businesses looking to install electric vehicle charging stations or solar carports for employees and customers should contact us about how we can bring solar energy into daily life on Maui.