Ways to Celebrate Zero Emissions Day

Get out your calendars and mark them clearly, because Zero Emissions Day is coming. On September 21st, the entire world will participate in events that raise awareness about the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment and how we can take better care of our planet. With this in mind, here are 10 ways that you can celebrate Zero Emissions Day on the island.

1. Prepare the Night Before

Prepare for your Zero Emissions Day the night before by turning off and unplugging any non-essential electronics, use candlelight and take an evening walk rather than watching TV or playing on your phone.

2. Use Alternative Transportation

One of the visions of Zero Emission Day is that one day, all transportation that contributes to greenhouse gases will halt. Therefore, if you have a place to be on September 21st, trying using a different form of transportation such as walking or cycling.

3. Turn Off the HVAC Unit

If you have an HVAC unit at home, turn it off. That way, you will not be using anything that leads to fossil fuel production. Cool down with a dip in the ocean!

4. Get Outside

In order to engage in the spirit of this day, spend it outside as much as possible. Think about walking, hiking and biking for exercise and relaxation. Bask in the beauty of our wonderful ecosystem by swimming, snorkeling or surfing in the ocean, relaxing under swaying palm trees, or taking a hike by yourself.

5. Share the Day with Family

The more people who get involved in this day, the better. Therefore, think about involving family members in the day’s activities. Find ways to spend quality time together without vehicles or electronics!

6. Invest in Solar Energy

One of the great ways to celebrate this day is to make it a long-term commitment by investing in solar energy. Whether this is for your home or business, solar panels can reduce your carbon footprint.

7. Educate Yourself & Volunteer

You can also celebrate this day by educating yourself. Reach out to a local environmental organization to learn more about how carbon impacts the environment about how you can reduce your own carbon footprint. Then consider volunteering with an environmental education organization like the East Maui Watershed Partnership or Maui Huliau Foundation.

8. Take a Second Look at Solar Carports

Another great way to invest in solar energy is to think about using solar carports. Solar carports are panels that go above parking lots. Because of the size of parking lots, solar carports have the potential to generate a tremendous amount of energy in a short amount of time.

9. Enjoy Solar Hot Water

While enjoying the outdoors, thinking about visiting a local area that uses solar hot water. Solar energy can be used to power hot tubs and pools.

10. Stay Out Late

Finally, on September 21st, make an effort to stay out late. Have dinner outdoors, take an evening stroll or walk along the beach. The more people appreciate the beauty of the outdoors, the more they will do to protect it.

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