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800 Eha St. Unit 33 Wailuku, HI 96793

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Save Money And Be Energy Independent!


The sun is one of the greatest assets we have here in Hawaii so it makes sense to take full advantage of its energy producing qualities. Unfortunately, with the utility companies in Hawaii it is now very difficult to get solar and if you do it is not as economically viable. What if there was a way to get solar, save money and not have to deal with your utility company? Well, now there is!


With our solar and lithium ion battery system, combined with our long term financing, you can save money each month and also have independence from your utility company.


How does it work? 


We will install a solar system along with a lithium-ion battery without involving your utility company. We just have to ensure that there is no capability of exporting power back to the utility which we do. You still have the utility there as a backup if you require additional power. During the day your solar panels will produce power to run your home and excess power is stored in your battery system. At night you then draw the power from your battery system to power your home. 


Why choose Battery Backup

with your solar?


Because of the situation here in Hawaii with the utility companies unless you have battery backup there is no way to get solar economically and without a long wait. With our lithium-ion batteries not only will you save money monthly with our long term financing but you also have the peace of mind knowing you will have power even when there is a blackout and everyone else around you is in darkness. Before installing your solar and lithium ion battery we will do an energy audit of your home and make recommendations for other energy saving devices.


We do not use lead acid batteries that are unreliable and environmentally unfriendly. We only use the highest quality lithium ion batteries that are virtually maintenance free. Now you can be energy independent and fix your payments for a term that suits your needs with our low interest financing options.