Residential Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water heaters use solar energy from the sun instead of electricity to generate heat. Depending on the climate, solar hot water heating systems can provide up to 90% of the hot water in your home for free using the energy from the sun, without generating greenhouse gas emissions.

Reasons to Choose a Solar Hot Water System

Solar Panels for Hot Water on Residential Roof

There are a number of benefits of choosing a hot water solar system. You can enjoy free energy from the sun. This protects you from rising energy costs and helps to save money on your water heating bills. You will get access to reliable hot water 24 hours a day, even if the power is out.

A solar water heater helps to increase the value of your property and decrease your home’s carbon footprint. Solar water heaters also last longer than other conventional water heaters. Solar panels used in hot water systems take up a lot less space on your roof then other systems. Homes normally require only two to three panels since the solar hot water panels are very efficient at converting energy, so your house won’t be cluttered with solar panels on the roof.

One main advantage is tax credits. The federal government will offer a 26% tax credit on solar hot water systems. Hawaii also gives you a tax credit to combine with the federal one. These incentives can help you cover the cost. Maui Solar Project will help you learn how to capitalize on these programs so you can save money.

Cost of Residential Solar Hot Water

The price of your system will depend on what is best for you. Our experts at Maui Solar Project can help recommend the best system for your water usage, pitch of your roof and the size of your home. A qualified professional should install solar water heaters, which means the price can vary based on installation fees.

While the cost for residential solar hot water may be more than traditional water heaters, the costs are offset by saving on heating bills and lower energy use.

Solar Water Heater

How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

There are two main components to your solar hot water system. The first thing is a solar collector. The collector will be installed on the roof and face the sun. Copper tubing runs through the collectors that are filled with water and absorb energy from the sun during the day. The second element you need is a hot water tank. This gathers and stores the hot water that comes from the solar panels. The water that your solar collectors heat from the sun then flows through and circulates in your tank.When these two elements are installed, hot water will be available for you to use throughout your home for sinks, appliances and showers. Your heating system is still backed up by gas or electricity so you can rest assured that you always have hot water.When you are ready to transition to residential solar hot water, the experts at Maui Solar Project are here to help. We would be happy to discuss solar solutions with you and to answer any questions about solar that you may have.