Commercial Solar Carports

Solar energy carports are angled, overhead canopies that are built to cover public parking areas. In simpler terms, they are mounted and used as the roof structure of parking lots. Solar carports are mounted at a stellar angle to capture the most sunlight.

How do Solar Carports Work?

Solar energy is created by converting sunlight into electrical power using converters placed in the solar grids. On a solar energy carport, the principle is the same. Carports are specifically designed for commercial application. They are also designed to minimize the loss of power during the process of converting sunlight to solar energy. Solar energy carports are practical since space is already there, and ready for solar panel installation.

How Do Commercial Carports Differ from Residential?

Since it is all about solar energy, all the same solar energy principles apply. There are however a few differences. Commercial solar carports are grid intertied. This means that they are hooked onto the local main electrical grid. They are also larger and produce solar energy for other industries like gas and oil companies.

Benefits of Solar Energy Carports

There are multiple reasons why you should get a carport, some of the obvious reasons include:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint. Did you know that our carbon footprint has caused global warming everywhere in the World? By using solar energy, we reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and play a role in preserving our environment.
  • Minimize energy expenses. As opposed to carbon energy, solar energy is not as expensive. It cuts the cost almost by half. For a commercial operation, this could reduce the expense of lighting and electricity.
  • Structured use of parking space. With solar carports installed, you are turning your commercial parking lot into a money-saving venture.

Can Businesses Receive Tax Credit for Installing Commercial Carports?

Short answer? Yes! The County of Maui gives a 30% business tax credit or incentive for any form of renewable energy.

The county government also strongly encourages people to apply for the renewable energy program (The Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program), if you want to upgrade an existing facility or build a new one.

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