Residential and Commercial Applications

A Suite of Solar Energy Products for RESIDENTIAL Commercial Applications


Why choose Maui Solar Project for your RESIDENTIAL Solar PV project?

At Maui Solar Project, our goal is to find the right solar power solution for our customers. With the challenges facing businesses in Hawaii when it comes to energy costs, Maui Solar Project uses a consultative approach to determine how best to solve your problem. We initially look at energy conservation before we examine energy generation through solar solutions.

If you also need solar power in Maui after daylight hours a lithium ion battery or even microgrid combined with your solar panel array is the perfect solution.


Advantages of Solar PV & Potential Returns

There are many advantages to installing a Maui solar power PV system on residential properties.

  • Fixed payments for 20 years
  • Energy independence in the event of a blackout with our battery solution
  • Generate your own free, clean energy
  • Reduce carbon emissions

Thermal Hot Water

SE Collector

Reduce your energy bill with residintial solar hot water!

If you are a home owner or business and use a lot of hot water then solar thermal hot water is the perfect solution. Collector panels are installed on the roof of your home or office. These collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up water which is stored in a hot water cylinder.

Installation is simple and does not require approval from your utility company. You will also qualify for both a Federal and State tax credit. Compared to electric or gas, solar thermal is significantly less expensive.

The Features and Benefits

  • The ability to provide the majority of your hot water needs
  • Substantial tax benefits and rebates
  • Compatibility with either a current Gas or Oil fired regular or system boiler or heat pump.

Other Solar Solutions

Solar Attic fans

solar attic fans

PV Modules


Solar Air Conditioning


Solar Hot Water Systems


Electric Vehicle Charging

Making the correct choice when it comes to EV Charging

Charge Point is the market leader in electric vehicle charging stations controlling over 70% of the US market. It is also the only true "smart" Maui solar power system in the market.

Why Charge Point?

  • When you install our Charge Point unit, you become part of the largest EV charging network in the US.
  • 24/7 support for your customers.
  • Our smart system enables you to set pricing on the fly.
  • Complete reporting on your customer usage.
  • A full range of EV chargers to suit your needs.

The Features and Benefits of Charge Point

  • Only networked service showing available units
  • A wide variety of units for all applications
  • Full reporting on usage and statistics
  • Ability to set pricing, valet module, reservation system, etc.
  • Level 3 EV charging units for fast charging
  • Bollard and Wall Mounted units available
  • Ability to customize with branding and designs
  • The majority of new EV cars come with a Charge Point card
  • The only EV charging unit with the Assure warranty for parts & labor

Solar Carports

Our Solar Carports provide shade and protection vehicles while harnessing solar energy for your business.

Being in Hawaii, we know how limited roof space is. That's why we offer solar PV carports to help maximize your solar energy collection.

Our solar carports can be custom built to virtually any height and pitch. These systems are reliable, low maintenance, and the structures themselves are built to the highest standard.